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How To Make Extra Long Curtain Rods

The curtains are the ornaments of the house. At one time, the curtains were the measure of the aristocracy of the house.  It not only enhances the beauty of the house but also makes the house attractive. Even in a very simple room, using the right curtain looks great. So when choosing a curtain for a house, thousand of things like a window, doors size, type, color of the room, size of the room, type of furniture are kept in mind. Also, keep in mind the appropriate curtain rods. Read this article till last to know How To Make Extra Long Curtain Rods.

For this decoration, some questions may arise:

  • What is the standard width of curtain width?
  • What width of curtains do I need for a 6ft window?
  • What size curtain rod do I need for 72 inches window?

Don’t worry we will answer these questions in this article. Curtains require a curtain rod. Today we’ll talk about “how we can make DIY extra long curtain rod?”

The Standard Width Of Curtains:

We’ve to list the standard curtain width.

Ready-made curtains come in three types of width

  • 112 cm (44 inches)
  • 116 cm ( 66 inches)
  • 228 cm (90 inches)

Find the curtain according to the closet size of your requirement.

How To Install curtain rods?

Some people ask the question “what is the easiest way to hang a curtain rod?

If you’re worried about the question then we’ll give you the solution step by step.

Steps are given below:

Step1: You’ve to determine the size of the curtain rod. you should determine the interior width of the window. You add 3-4 inches to the overall measurement.

Step 2: We decide that we should hang the curtain rod ½” outside of the window such that there is no gap between the window and curtain.

How To Make Extra Long Curtain Rods?
How To Make Extra Long Curtain Rods

Step3: We decide to measure the vertical placement of the brackets. If we hang the brackets above the window, the window looks larger.

Step4: We place the brackets on the right of the mark which is drawn by pencil. Then we screw it by the driller.

Step5: We have to insert the screws into the pre-drill holes from the surface of the windows for me. Then we will tighten the screws to ensure the bracket to the window frame.

Step6: After completing step 5, you’ve to measure the placement of the left side bracket. You’ve to mark the holes with a pencil where the screws will go. Then, you have to do the same step mentioned in step 5.

Step7: We’ve to hang the curtains on the curtain rod and then we place the rod to the brackets by tightening the screws on the backside of each bracket.

How Much Bigger Should Curtain Rod Be Than Window?

You’ve to choose your curtain first. If you choose a small curtain then the room looks smaller. If you choose a curtain that touches the floor, you can collect the dust. You can buy curtains in lengths like 63, 84, and 96 inches.

Now come to the point of curtain rods. You’ve to buy curtain rods for long windows and wider than windows.

According to the thumb rule, the rod should be 8-12 inches larger than the width of the window.

How Many Inches Should The Curtain Rod Extend Past Windows?

The common question is asked by many people “How far can curtain rods span?”- If you decide to place the curtain rods, then install the rod in the right way such that it stretches 3-4 inches past each side of the window.

It will allow the curtain to overlap both the window and it helps the wall to prevent light from leaking in around the window’s edge.

How To Make Extra Long Curtain Rods?
How To Make Extra Long Curtain Rods

Do Curtain Rods Have Weight Limits?

Choosing a rod of appropriate weight is a difficult one.

Some questions may arise like

  • How much weight can a single curtain rod hold?
  • How much weight can a double curtain rod hold?

To answers these questions you’ve to remember one rule. You’ve to divide the weight of the curtains by the required rod width.

Thus you can get the amount of weight per foot.

Suppose, if the curtain weight is nearly 52 pounds and the desired curtain rod width is 13 feet, then the curtain rod must carry the weight of 4pounds per foot. You’ve to purchase the curtain rods according to the manufacture’s information.

Is It Ok If The Curtain Doesn’t Touch The Floor?

According to the survey, many suggested that the curtain should be always one inch above the floor. If they touch the floor, there is a chance of getting dust and dirty.

Some questions may arise :

  • How high do I hang rod for 84 inches curtains?
  • Do they touch the floor?

The answer is yes. 84 inches curtains are long enough to touch the floor. If someone buys an 84-inch long curtain then the curtain rod must be 84 inches from the floor.

How can I hang heavy curtains without studs?

If you live in a rented place and you want to hang curtains easily then you’ll come to the right place

If you’re worried about the damage of walls or window frames then we’ll suggest you 4 easiest ways to hang curtains without drilling.

You can use 3M command hooks:

The first easiest way of hanging curtains is to use 3M command hooks.


  • Collect 2 hooks to hang the curtain rod. If the window is larger than 30 inches, you’ll need another command hook which supports the middle.
  • You’ve to peel off the command strip gum and you’ll apply it to the hook.
  • After that, you’ve to press the command hook onto the wall for thirty seconds and repeats the same step with another hook.
  • After waiting for 30 min, you’ll hang the curtain.
How To Make Extra Long Curtain Rods?
How To Make Extra Long Curtain Rods

It’s easy to apply and easy to remove. This is the most reliable and tricky way to do that.

  • You can try kwik-hang curtain rod brackets :

People mostly face some wall damage when they install curtain rods. But kwik- hang curtain rod brackets can remove the problem of damaging walls. It takes few minutes to install and it doesn’t take any measurement.

Even, the main benefit of using the kwik-hang curtain rod is it can hold up to 20 pounds.

You’ve to follow some easy steps to use kwik-hang brackets to hang curtains:

  • You’ve to place the kwik-hang curtain rod brackets on the window frames corner.
  • After that, you can tap with a hammer.
  • You’re done. It can be done in just seconds without a few hammer taps.

There are some advantages like you can get the availability of colours and finishes, it can support up to 20 pounds and it doesn’t damage the wall if you remove the kwik-hang curtains rod brackets.

One disadvantage is that you can use it only on a framed window.

  • You can use a Tension rod curtain:

Here is option number 3, you can use a tension rod curtain to hang the curtain. It’s stretchable from one side of the window to another.

You can easily install them without any measurement.

Methods To Hang Curtain By Using Tension Rods:

Firstly, you’ve to buy tension rods that are close to your window frame size.

Then you can analyze the tension rod by screwing and unscrewing the rod until it fits inside the window frame. After that, you can remove the rod and threading your curtain onto the rod and you’ve reinserted it into your window frame.

It’s easy to use and it requires no major measurement and it is the best for sheer a light curtain.

  • Use Coat Hook:

Coat hooks are a useful tool to hang curtains. You’ve to determine the number is hooks you’ll need to, hang your curtains.

You’ve to measure the curtain length and determine the height of hooks. Lastly, you’ve to screw the coat hooks with a driller into your wall and then insert the curtain holes into the hook.

How To Make Extra Long Curtain Rods?
How To Make Extra Long Curtain Rods

This is the easiest way to install the curtains without studs.

 How Do You Hang A Heavy Curtain Rod On Drywall?

A curtain is used to preventing us from heavy sunlight. The curtain which is crafted from heavy fabric can prevent you from sunlight.

You must be worried about the techniques ‘how do you hang a heavy curtain rod on drywall? “

Some steps, you’ve to follow to hang the curtain rods.

Step 1: You’ve to find out where you want your curtain rod to hang.

Step 2: We’ll place the curtain rod in the right position and put a mark on the top of the rod with a pencil.

Step 3:Now we’ll take the drywall anchors and put them underneath the mark.

Step 4:Take the hardware that has been provided with our curtain rod and put the top screw into the drywall anchor and screws it.

Step 5: Now, the other screw that is provided and put in the bottom hole without a drywall anchor.

Step 6:After that, we place the curtain rod and put it into the place.

How Do You Keep Curtain Rods From Getting Caught?

If you’re worried about the curtain rings getting stuck on curtain rods, then you can buy Ezyglide tape helps to stop curtain rings on curtain rods. You can buy it from Amazon.

It helps rings to slide smoothly.

What Is The Longest Curtain Rod You Can Get:

If you want to know about the longest curtain rod then this option is very helpful to you.

The longest curtain rods are available at 120”-170”.

If someone wants the longest rods then they can DIY easily.

Someone can make the curtain rods as long as 240.

How Can I Make Any Curtain Rods Longer?

The curtain can make the room more beautiful and attractive.

The room looks bigger when there is a long curtain.

But long curtains need longer curtain rods.

If you want to know how to create a larger curtain rod, then this option is for you.


  1. We need a split ring hanger .
  2. We require a conduit of ½” diameter.
  3. Threading rod of 3/8”
  4. Conduit Cutter
  5. Angle Grinder
  6. Drill machine
  7. Screwdriver and screws

Step 1:You’ve to determine the number of conduits required for your work.

  • You can use a single piece of conduit for each end of the room and several pieces of the conduit for a larger wall.
  • You’ve to measure the right place for braces. You’ve to cut the conduit in a way such that they meet at a brace.

Step2: After step 1, we’ve to keep braces between the window frame so that it gives a consistent look of the curtain room.

How To Make Extra Long Curtain Rods?
How To Make Extra Long Curtain Rods

Step 3:After measuring, you’ve to cut the conduit with a Rigid Tubing cutter.

Step 4:  After step 3, you’ve to cut the threaded rod into size to place the curtain rod. You cut the conduit into 5” pieces with an angle grinder.

Step 5:After completing everything, you’ve to set up each one of the mounting braces and attach it to the wall.

Step6:You’ve to separate the fronts of the split ring hangers to add the conduit. When the conduit takes the right place, you can assemble the fronts of the split ring hangers.

How Do You Connect Two Curtain Rods Together?

One of the useful ways to make the curtain rods longer is to connect two smaller curtain rods together.

Step 1: You’ve to buy two same curtain rods. Each curtain rod has two finials. They have a small and large tube of metal.

Step 2:You’ve to remove the smaller piece and finial from the first rod and then remove the finial from another rod.

Step 3:After that, add the first rod to the end of the smaller tube of the second rod to create a larger rod. Then hang the larger curtain rod in the wall according to your required height.

Alternatives Of Curtain Rod :

Some people may ask “ What can I ask instead of curtain rods?

We find two practical and free methods. Everyone can use it in his house.

Tree branch:

You can use tree branches instead of curtain rods. If you’re a nature lover and you want to bring a natural vibe to your room, then this option is for you.

Advantages :

  1. Nature lovers can make his room beautiful with their nature things.
  2. Some people ask “what is the best way to hang heavy curtains?” The answer is simple. Tree branches can hold heavy curtains.
  3. Tree branches are available in any place and it’s  free to use.
  4. Use rope:

If you want to hang your curtain without any investment of money, then you can use the ropes.

Firstly you’ve to find a hook for your rope. A rope can hold heavy and light curtains. You can use thick and thin ropes according to your requirements.

If you find your desired rope then tie it to the hook and hang the curtain.

The main advantage of using a rope is it brings an attractive look in your style and your room looks more beautiful.

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