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Best Way To level Fast Ark: Survival Evolved

Studio Wildcard’s ARK: Survival Evolved has many activities to engage in. Perhaps, the first thing you should do is begin character leveling. In-game leveling is useful. It lets you improve your carrying capacity, damage resistance, and output.

In ARK: Survival Evolved, there are various ways to get experience, but certain techniques are superior to others. I’ve outlined some of my greatest suggestions for accelerating the process below.

How To Level Up In ARK: Survival Evolved

In Ark: Survival Evolved, everything hinges on possessing the proper equipment. Whether utilizing a creature for farming or constructing a death wall with turrets, you’ll need levels to accomplish anything.

By increasing your level in Ark: Survival Evolved, you will gain access to Engrams, which include specific crafting recipes for higher-tier items.

All players begin with three basic Engrams, but you will need to learn more as you grow. The problem arises when your XP gain cannot maintain pace with your Engram requirements. This post will show how to level up in Ark: Survival Evolved swiftly.

Way To Level Fast Ark: Survival Evolved

best way to level fast ark survival evolved

1) Get Explorer Notes

Explorer Notes are an excellent way to level up early in ARK: Survival Evolved. Explorer Notes can be found throughout the map within chests near stone ruins.

They advise you of the many creatures you may encounter in the wilderness and provide additional details on the survivors who came before you.

In addition, they grant you a large quantity of experience and temporarily increase the amount of XP you get by double. This makes it worthwhile to seek them out early in the game to take advantage of this momentary benefit.

Each adventurer note can only be discovered once, but have no fear! There are numerous to discover worldwide, and they are pretty simple to identify. Always watch them as they stand out against player structures and the rest of the terrain.

2) Punch Dodos

Hunting dinosaurs and other creatures is an additional method of swiftly gaining XP. At the beginning of the game, target smaller prey such as Dodos and Lystrosaurs and kill them by mashing the left mouse button or the right trigger.

They will not fight back but will attempt to flee. If they do this, track them down and eliminate them.

When you can access better weapons, like spears or bows and arrows, you can target larger monsters such as Dilophosaurus, Oviraptors, and Iguanodons. These dinosaurs will attack, but they shouldn’t be a significant obstacle. Maneuver behind them and attack.

3) Tame A Dinosaur

Taming dinosaurs won’t provide you with a great deal of experience, but it will let you take on stronger dinosaurs that you wouldn’t be able to face on foot, allowing you to grind.

Try to tame something comparable to a Raptor. Then employ it to kill a large number of Stegosauruses. Stegosauruses tend to spawn near water sources and in the southern portion of the Island area, so head there to farm them. You will be astonished at how quickly you advance if you continue repeating the practice.

4) Join A Group

One of the most straightforward ways to advance in ARK: Survival Evolved

Moreover, they will provide you bonus experience if you are within 100 meters of another player when they are gaining experience.

5) Farm Supplies

Collecting resources is an additional method of leveling up. Construct a large number of chests and continue to fill them with wood, stone, flint, fiber, and any other items that can be conveniently gathered from your surroundings.

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Shotgun And Spinos For Leveling Up Fast In Ark: Survival Evolved

After collecting as many Survivor Notes as feasible and growing weary of searching for more, there is also the option of resorting to violence. Utilizing a Pump-Action Shotgun and traveling to the Extinction map to hunt Spinos in the Sulfur Wastes is a great strategy. If you have a high-level tamed creature with you, killing corrupt dinosaurs will grant you substantial experience.

Crafting For Leveling Up Fast In Ark: Survival Evolved

best way to level fast ark survival evolved

Passively gaining experience is acceptable, but you’ll want to maximize your gain. Once you have received the XP bonus from the Explorer’s Note, you will need to make some goods.

Crafting Cooking Pots or, if you’re on the Genesis Part 2 map, Canoes yield the highest XP per craft at the lowest cost. Rafts are another viable solution, but they are quite hefty.

How Do You Level Up Fast In Ark Single Player?

Once you reach approximately level 50, you begin to obtain saddles for more aggressive dinosaurs; acquire a Carno or something else that can hold its own in combat.

Start gathering explorer notes and killing as many dinosaurs as possible with your Carno. If you can target dinosaurs that drop chitin or keratin, you can use these materials to manufacture cemented paste, which is required for the following section of the guide.

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How Do You Play Ark Like A Pro?

Whether the player is a novice or riding a T-Rex, it is essential to take the time to locate drop zones. These glowing beacons signify loot crates containing everything from blueprints to potent weaponry.

In addition, this is the only way to get specific blueprints that enable players to make and construct items. There are hundreds of reasons to pursue these, and players should be prepared to pursue each one their level allows.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the fastest way to get to level 100 in Ark?
Ans. Killing alphas in the ocean and traversing underwater caves provides an insane experience, and the loot crates include valuable items. Additionally, running in the swamp cave is a fantastic activity.

2. What gives the most XP in Ark?
Ans. Deathworm, Manticore, Rockwell, and Titanosaur.

3. What is the best item to craft for XP in Ark?
Ans. Make numerous goods, such as spark powder and torches, early on. Both are reasonably inexpensive and provide substantial XP gains over time. The alternative is to construct massive thatch or wooden foundations.

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