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How To Change Voice On Google Maps

Google Map is most probably the best way to find your way around. Google map comes with a built-in voice that helps you to navigate your way while not handling your phone. If you want to change your voice on google maps, now it is easy.

This is no doubt effective navigation that provides you to enjoy hands-free operation while driving and traffic or travel material. Whether you want to enjoy a smart trip on your way, then Google maps are the best thing to try.

Hands-free operation is the safest way of driving that makes people avoid physical contact with the phone. The google map contains different languages and locations in different access or regions.

There are few more things that you can change on google voice. If you want to know the steps for  How do I change the voice on my Google Maps app then follow the article

How To Change Voice On Maps Iphone

Many people cannot rely on Apple Maps. Apple maps provide very limited features. Apart from that, Google map is much more reliable, efficient. Let’s know how you can change voice on google maps voice pack iPhone.

  • The first step to pursue the method is to delete the app. It ensures removing the setting as well as that you had set previously. Now install the application again to get a fresh start.
  • Hold the app for a few minutes and click on the cross sign showing above the application.
  • By tapping on the cross sign, you can delete or remove the application from your device easily.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click on the general setting.
  • It will pop up with several options. To change voice, you need to tap on its language and region option.
  • Now tap on the English language and select the bee version of it.

Now you are done. By doing this, you can change the language and voice style on all of your applications on the device. However, you can also use the Apple map for Apple devices. The Apple map runs on Siri. Siri allows you to change the voice style and language via a setting like the Siri voice setting.

How do I change the voice on my Google Maps app
How do I change the voice on my Google Maps app

However, it depends on your personal choice to change the Google Maps voice. While the android devices make it easy to do that, doing it on an Apple device is a bit complicated.

How To Change The Voice Language If Google Map

On PC: Changing language on PC is easy. First, you need to open Google maps on your PC. Tap on the menu that is in the upper left corner. Click on it and find the option language and go for it. Now you can choose your preferred language there. Save the changes. Now you can hear the assistant voice in your preferred language.

How To Change Voice On Google Maps For Android Device

First, open the Google map on your Android device. Once you have opened the application, you can see your photo on the right corner of the device. Tap on it to open the corresponding menu there.

After opening the many buttons, scroll the screen to the bottom. Now look for the setting option there. Click on setting and open google navigation voices.

Now find there is a usage settings option. You will see here the list of languages provided by Google Maps itself. Choose one as per your preference. Save the changes.

How To Put Custom Voice On Google Map

The google map has no voice options available for any device. But in Spanish, the voice shows by the generic names like:

  • Homer’s voice

You may want Homer Simpson to narrate your voice from GPS. But this is only available in generic voice. That means you can listen to his default voice on GPS for narrating your route.

  • Batman’s voice

This is also not available in GPS. But it can be as a generic voice on your device.

Other Functions Offered By Google Map

The Google map enables you to know the address of any specific place. It also makes you informed about the coordinates or attitudes of the same place. Apart from that, it shows you the tourist places of your nearby cities and the tour to cover the destination from your route.

How To Change The Voice Language If Google Map
How To Change The Voice Language If Google Map

If you are unable to listen to the voice while driving, you can connect it via Bluetooth in the car. You can do the same by tapping Navigation settings in the sound and voice part


Q: How to change voice on google maps to male?

Google Map voice has navigation support for both males and females. You can do the same with your android and Apple device. Sometimes the map itself can switch from one to another for any reason.

Q: How do I get different voices for Google Maps?

Open the Google map. Now scroll down and come to the navigation system. Choose voice options. Here you will get different voice options for your device. Choose one as per your preference.

Q: How do I change the voice on Google maps to Morgan Freeman?

Yes, now you can get voice Morgan Freeman to dictate your route on the Waze map. To ensure that, open Waze and click on settings.  Now go to sound and voice language. Choose the voice of Morgan Freeman.

Q: How to turn on voice Maps Google maps?

Open Google Maps and scroll down to select settings. Come to the bottom of the page and tap on the navigation system. Now choose voice selection. Select the voice you want to hear.

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