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How To Close Etsy Shop- Guide 2022

This is an issue that numerous sellers have pondered. Let’s be honest: running an Etsy shop is difficult and time-consuming.

When running your own business, there are various factors to consider: how much inventory should I acquire, how can I advertise my products more effectively, and how can I enhance my customer service?

If you want to close your shop but still have open orders that need to be met, you can set Vacation Mode, which enables you to complete existing transactions without taking new ones. After that, you may close your store and then erase your account.

Whether you are selling on Etsy or not, knowing how to close your shop is essential. This blog post will outline three simple procedures for closing your Etsy shop in 2022! Here’s how to terminate or suspend your Etsy shop and remove your seller account.

What To Do Before Closing Etsy Shop?

how to close etsy shop
  • Go to the same menu to obtain your store’s data after choosing your marketplace. It generates a CSV file containing your current offers and information. It includes both the listings and their descriptions
  • Additionally, get your sales data. You may become intrigued about which products sold better and how much in the future. Avoid skipping this step.
  • You may also download your saved settings and reviews.
  • If you plan to launch a Shopify store, you will need the reviews. They will be valuable.
  • If you are certain they do not need to be reordered, you can also keep them for future use by storing them securely. You may also like to conduct an inventory check, which can be easily stored for future use.
  • You can download the funds and deposits if you are an employee who pays taxes on your wages.
  • Save any images you possess. You won’t be capable of downloading your Etsy images to sell in your store; nevertheless, you should save them on your computer for later retrieval.
  • Create a Google Docs profile and import your CSV files if you have problems comprehending them.

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How To Delete An Etsy Shop?

  • Visit Shop Manager on Etsy.com.
  • Go to Settings and choose Options.
  • Select the Shop Closing tab.
  • Choose Close Shop. Please complete our brief survey before terminating your business.

How To Close An Etsy Shop Temporarily?

how to close etsy shop

There are three alternatives for closing your Etsy Shop:

  • Deactivate existing listings: To delete your listings, navigate to Listings in the Etsy administration area, followed by Listing Manager. 

When you are ready to resume selling your listings, you must reactivate them via the Listing Manager. 

Unless your listings have expired, you will not be charged when deactivated. I also edited my shop’s header and image to reflect that it is closed and will reopen on the specified date.

  • Set your store to vacation mode: By selecting Shop Settings, Options, and the Vacation Mode tab in your Etsy shop, you can put it into vacation mode. 

This will allow you to generate a temporary Shop Announcement and an auto-reply for incoming emails. To reactivate your store, you must return to this page.

  • Leave your store open and set your shipping time for the future: If you can react to Etsy chats, you can alter your delivery times to correspond with the day you return to your business.

It would be prudent to alter your shop’s header and profile image to indicate that it will be closed until the XYZ deadline. 

Consider offering prospective customers a discount code as a token of appreciation for their patience. This strategy enables you to continue getting orders.

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How To Delete Etsy Account?

  • Sign in to your account on Etsy.
  • Select “Account settings” by clicking the account icon in the
  • Scroll down to the “Close Your Account” section under the “Account” menu.
  • Click the “Close Account” link.

Can I close My Etsy Shop With Open Orders?

If you have any open orders, you may place your store on Vacation Mode until they are fulfilled. Your customers will still be able to view your business while it is closed, enabling them to submit new purchase orders.

If you close your business before resolving open orders, you can still access and interact with your orders, but your store will be inaccessible to potential customers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How to close a draft shop?

  • Visit Shop Manager on Etsy.com.
  • Go to Settings and choose Options.
  • Select the Shop Closing tab.
  • Choose Close Shop.

2. Are there alternatives to closing your Etsy shop?

If you have unresolved cases, the system prohibits you from closing them. Vacation Mode is an excellent alternative to other methods for temporarily closing an Etsy shop. You are permitted a brief break from your shop. It allows you to organize your store as you see fit.

3. Can you have 2 Etsy shops?

Yes, you may have multiple Etsy shops.

4. How to Turn On Vacation Mode?

  • Register on Etsy.com.
  • Select Shop Manager from the menu.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click Settings.
  • Select the Holiday Mode tab.
  • Make the setting Active.
  • Fill out the temporary store announcement and Message auto-response fields.
  • Select Save.

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