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How To Connect Phone To Vizio Smart Tv?

With the help of the VizioSmartcast app, you will allow you to have all the options that are available on your phone. In order to connect to the Vizio smart TV from the phone, you will have to reboot both devices.

And to do this, you will have to power off the network and work ahead to reconnect to the power.

Thus you can unplug the power cord from the router within 5-10 seconds and then reconnect the power to know how to connect the phone to Vizio tv. You can connect to the devices of phone, tablet, and computer and then power each back. 

What Is The Vizio Smartcast App?

how to connect phone to vizio smart tv

Opening the app of Vizio Smartcast App on the Vizio Mobile, you will be able to download the app.

With the Vizio mobile, you can control the entire entertainment with the right experience on the Mobile device and the how-to pair phone to Vizio tv. 

Browsing and discovering movies can be easy.  TV shows and music along with the live streaming features as well as all across multiple apps at once. In this way, you will be able to connect your android phone to Vizio tv. 

How To Troubleshoot Your Vizio TV Not Connecting To The Internet?

Until it is used to create a Vizio smart TV, you will be able to connect to the home wifi network. Now you will have to access the web using the device connected to the network.

Once it is connected, the problem lies with the TV. if you cannot connect to the device, you will need to troubleshoot the Wifi network. 

How To Connect Your Phone To Vizio Smart TV?

You can install third-party apps on your Android smartphone. The streaming content even without the Vizio Smartcast mobile is considered to be great and also Vizio Smartcast mobile, Google Home, or any other casting apps to know how to connect Vizio tv to a phone. 

  • Open Vizio Smart TV on the first step
  • Open the Settings option on the Android device
  • Search for the screencast/screen mirror/smart view/screen sharing and the wireless display
  • Now you will be able to create an Android device by searching on Vizio’s smart TV 
  • Connect the connect phone to Vizio tv 

Connect Android Device To Vizio Smart TV

how to connect phone to vizio smart tv
  • Use a wired ethernet connection 
  • Use an ethernet port to connect to the router and modem directly
  • Use a TV wireless adapter 
  • Now connect to the Android device to Vizio Smart TV
  • Unplugging the TV for thirty seconds clears its internal memory 
  • and helps in the resolution of any software glitches that may be causing poor connectivity.

How To Connect iPhone To Your Vizio Smart TV

It is important to ensure that both Vizio Smart TV and the iPhone are connected to the same Wifi network. 

  • Airplay will be ensured with both the Vizio Smart TV
  • Simply press the Home button on the Vizio TV remote
  • Now click on the Extras Tab and then click on the top right of the screen. 
  • Scroll down and then tap on the screen mirroring option
  • Click OK 

How To Connect PC To Vizio Smart TV?

  • Open Chrome and click on the three dots on the search bar
  • Choose the download option of the cast 
  • Bring out the casting tray 
  • Begin searching for a wireless display connected to the Wifi network
  • Pick the Vizio Smart TV
  • Cast the Google Chrome or the desktop 
  • Choose the desktop option 
  • Click on OK 

How Do I Put My Vizio Tv In Pairing Mode

Suppose you put your Vizio TV in the pairing mode you will have to connect to the same network for using the process of screen mirroring.

Thus you will need to reboot both devices if there is any kind of issue. It will allow you to power down the Smart cast Display and also the Soundbar before you tune them back on. 

How To Display Your Phone On A Vizio TV? 

how to connect phone to vizio smart tv

Screen mirroring is supported as long as your Android smartphone is running Android 5.0 or later. In this guide, we will show you how to use the VIZIO SmartCast Mobile App to connect your Android phone to a VIZIO smart TV.

  • Check that your Android device and TV are both connected to the same network
  • On your phone or tablet, launch the Google Home App
  • Tap the device to which you want to cast your screen
  • Select Cast my screen

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why can’t I connect my phone to my Vizio Smart TV?
Ans. Try rebooting your devices and then get connected to the Vizio Smart TV. if there is any issue, there will be no sign of the network where you can easily intend to connect. 

2. How do I connect my Android phone to my Vizio TV?
Ans. You can download the app on your phone and then cast your screen to control the Vizio Smartcast devices. 

3. How do I connect my phone to my Vizio Smart TV without WiFi?
Ans. All you have to do is connect the USB cable to your phone and the HDMI end to the HDMI port on your smart TV.

You can cast your phone to a TV without a WiFi connection this way. You can also use your mobile data to access other streaming apps.

4. How do I pair my phone with my TV?
Ans. Well, now this is not rocket science, you will never connect your smartphone to the Vizio smart TV.

All you need are the correct apps and that is why pretty much it. After that, you will also be able to follow the steps that will never put you down.

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