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How To Hide What Game You’re Playing On Discord In 5 Easy Steps?

When it comes to a messaging network that blends the marvels of communications and gaming seamlessly, many members of our community prefer Discord.

Discord is a big platform that enables users to create groups, communicate with others, and stay in touch with friends. It can be utilized for text messaging, voice conversations, and even video calls.

It is a highly versatile software that can be utilized on mobile and desktop devices.

It enables phone communications, text messaging, and even video conferencing to bridge the distance and is a highly useful tool for keeping people connected regardless of what they are doing.

Nonetheless, if you like to keep some mystery, there are ways to do so. You need to know this if you’re seeking ways to hide the game you’re playing on Discord.

Discord shows the public your friends the games you’re playing. If a game employs Discord’s Rich Presence feature, your buddies could see where you are in-game. Here’s how you may remove this feature and protect your gaming privacy.

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How Can I Make Discord Not Show What I’m Playing?

Discord simplifies keeping your gaming activity a secret and not sharing it with others on the network.

Step 1: Access your User Settings by clicking the cog icon next to your Discord ID. To access the “Settings” menu in Discord, click the button to the left of your username and avatar.

Step 2: Once launched, navigate to the Activity Settings section in the sidebar, where you will find the Activity Status option.

Step 3: Tap the “Game activity” button on the left side of the screen. Then, deactivate the “Show running game as status message” button, and Discord will stop broadcasting your game activity.

Step 4: Disable the option to “Show current activity as a status message.”

As soon as it turns gray, you are free to proceed.

Step 5: Your gaming activity will no again be displayed on Discord after completing these instructions. If you wish to display your gameplay in the future, repeat the procedures to enable the platform to broadcast your activity.

As for mobile users, the app will not reveal the game you are now playing, so you can relax.

how to hide what game you're playing on discord

You can switch this setting to any time by repeating the instructions above. Unlike its PC counterpart, Discord will not display the game you are now playing as your status message on mobile devices.

However, your status will still be updated when attending a Stage. You may disable this by repeating the steps above and deselecting “Display current activity as a status message.”

Although if you disable Activity Status on Discord, your friends may still be able to see what you’re doing on a different gaming platform. If you need ultimate anonymity, you must also configure Steam, Epic Launcher, etc., to operate offline.


Discord is currently the only free chat application that connects you to all game communication channels.

Use Opera GX, the only gaming browser with Discord integration and optimization, to prevent connection, server, or login issues.

Opera GX keeps you logged in. Thus authentication issues will not arise. In addition, you can change access servers at any time with Opera’s free built-in VPN capability.

Last but not least, you may determine how many resources each tab will consume, allowing you to focus your PC’s resources on your primary activities such as gaming, trading, editing, etc.

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