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What Is WAP Push Message

WAP Push is a medium of interaction between mobile service providers and users. Through this technical information is provided over “mobile wireless network”. WAP Push is a “special encoded message”. In 1998 Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, and Unwired Planet first introduced the “WAP Forum”.

WAP Push messages are those messages that mainly notify the users about any particular website. The notifications are provided after judging its legal aspects. It provides scope to download several contents from the website as per the need of the users.

What Is WAP Push In Message Settings?

WAP Push is used to send text messages to the wireless device and its activities are in close connection with the phone. Messages are in the mode of SMS Applications and depend on the content of the messages.

It contains its own WAP address and is related to the URL of the website. In order to get push messages, the “push” option should be activated in the message settings.

Full-Form Of WAP Push

The full form of WAP Push is “Wireless Application Protocol” which is designed to deliver information over wireless mobile networks. WAP Push is encoded especially for the purpose of the users.

Procedure Of Using WAP Push Message
Procedure Of Using WAP Push Message

It possesses a WAP address through which the users can interact easily with the wireless information and services. It is a communication protocol that requires wireless devices like mobile phones, transceivers, radios and can be used for creating newsgroups, for instant messaging.

Should Push Messages Be Activated?

Yes, push messages should be activated as it provides better facilities to the users than the normal text messages. Push messages are been send keeping in mind the user’s needs, desires, locations that encourage their future activities. But constant sending of messages may distract the users, so it should be sent in a limited manner.

What Does Push Messages Mean On Phone?

Push message on phone refers to the notifications and messages sent to the mobile device of the users. This message can only be sent when the users have installed the mobile app to receive messages.

Mobile push messages are based on any product updates, reminders of any events, personal schemes and offers, information about the device, and any breaking news.

How To Send A WAP Push Message?

For sending WAP Push messages the users need to specify the details in the dialogue box-

  1. The users need to type- set to “WapPush” in the definite dialogue box.
  2. The content should include the text for the message.
  3. The URL should be provided that act as a hyperlink.
  4. The mobile operators must collaborate with the WAP Push messages.

Examples Of WAP Push Message

WAP Push message resembles the MMS or Multimedia message. SMS are been send along with the link that contains the content of the browser. It follows wide technical instructions before sending any messages.

Is WAP Push Safe
Is WAP Push Safe

Examples of WAP Push messages are-

  • SMS.MessageData.
  • SMSXSer.
  • SMS.Send BinaryData.

WAP Push Messages For Android

WAP Push messages for android are well-formatted SMS messages to provide alert messages to the users. It provides the scope for direct connection of the desired URL with the phone’s WAP browser. It provides a link so that the users can directly visit the web page.

Should WAP Push Be Activated Or Deactivated?

Users can get time to time notifications about any websites and is aimed at providing scope to download any content from the web as per the need of the users. WAP Push also reminds and alerts the users about any events or incidents. For this reason, it is essential to enable the Push option.

If the WAP Push notification is turned off then the websites can not send any further notifications. Users need to turn off the push option when there are junk mails regarding any advertisements or text messages to promote any company or schemes, as these messages do not possess any security check.

Is WAP Push Safe?

WAP Push sent notifications regarding any websites after checking their level of security. So, it is safe to use. Recently it is using spam advertisements and constantly send junk mails and unwanted text messages that can create security issues.

So it is better to disable the WAP Push notification from the message app settings and unsubscribe all websites to get rid of the junk mails.

How To Stop WAP Push Messages?

  • For stopping WAP Push messages for apps, Settings→ “push” notification is disabled.
  • In case of emails, users need to unsubscribe all websites suggested.
  • For stopping mobile network promotional messages users can directly call to the customer care to enable DND on their number.

WAP Push Missing Permission

WAP Push messages received permission to incorporate photos, wallpaper, ringtones, and URL addresses into SMS messages. It also enhanced the speed of instant messaging and is directly linked with the service providers.

How To Disable WAP Push Messages?

WAP Push messages can be removed easily-

Why Users Get WAP Push Messages
Why Users Get WAP Push Messages
  • Users need to open the message app where receives and send messages are been stored.
  • The settings of the app are selected.
  • The “General” setting option are clicked.
  • There is a setting named as “Enable WAP Push”.
  • Single clicking on that option will disable it.
  • The users will not receive any WAP Push messages further.

Why Users Get WAP Push Messages?

Users receive WAP Push messages as their “Enable WAP Push” option is enabled in the messaging app. Users also receive time to time notifications regarding several useful websites that can be used further for any activities.

WAP messages are been used for spam advertisements that display unwanted junk mail about any products. It also notifies users about any company or schemes in the form of text messages. Users can easily remove these messages from their inboxes at any point in time.

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