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At reportsafrique.com, we provide you with an additional platform under the title “Write for Us and Get Paid.” Is it easy to understand? As an alternative, we’ll simplify everything so that anybody can understand it:

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I was observing the guidelines.

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Your main job is to produce interesting content that will retain visitors to our site for a long time.

While it’s critical that your content follows Google’s standards, we also want you to be acquainted with a few terms and practices like these:

optimization for search engines

Using the Internet to Promote Social Media Marketing

Using email marketing as an example is another good one.


Consequently, your SEO writings will be remunerated if your expertise is powerful enough for us to find them useful.

Search engine optimization (SEO) writing refers to writing for our website’s search engine optimization (SEO) (SEO).

Reportsafrique.com, Marketing team at Writes for Us respects your talent for crafting catchy content for our client’s marketing materials.

As a rule, the following is what you should write:

Producing Strategic Content or Posts is a skill that requires practice and refinement.

More information about campaign development is needed.

Using your expertise, you will provide industry comments and social media analysis for our benefit.

Instructional articles on a variety of topics

Information-rich issues include things like demand generation and management, marketing automation, influencer marketing, and social media competition.

800 to 1000 words is a good length, but only if they are well-written and original.

Today is the day to send your letter.

To write for us, you must have a thorough understanding of current events.

As a result, ask questions like these:

Is there anything different today compared to yesterday?

At the moment, what sort of information or content is popular?

To be effective, every word you write should be original, creative, and relevant to the industry.

Creating Content for Us Is What We Do

This is another chance for you to “Business Write for Us,” and we think it will be beneficial for both of us.

The following topics will be ideal for you if you are good at writing.

the funding of start-ups and company growth

Information Technology (IT), Digital Marketing and Insurance (DMI), and SEO

So, SMBs are small and medium-sized companies or enterprises of all sizes.

As soon as we get your proposal, we’ll add you as a guest writer to our Business blog here at reportsafrique.com.

It seems that you’re ready to make the most of “Write for Us,” and we’re here to answer one of your most urgent questions: “Where can I submit my writing?”

Now that you’re confident in your work, all that’s left to accomplish is this:

The “Contact Us” form is located at the bottom of this page.

After that, you’ll be able to log into a contributor account on reportsafrique.com, for free.

Your work will be saved for subsequent review if you so want.

Your article will be published once it has been evaluated by a team of experts.

This is going to be a blast! Establishing ground rules can help ensure that your blog posts are published in an ethical and compliant way.

Do not forget to follow these rules while writing and publishing your posts:


You must utilize just English content since it is a global language.


At all costs, this must be guarded against! It is essential that your product be unique. If you have created anything that should not have been released on the internet, please remember that.

Limitation on the number of words:

We prefer articles that are between 1000 and 1200 words in length, but anything less than will be rejected.

Permission is given for the purpose of replication.

The use of your images for commercial purposes must be permitted under the conditions of your copyrights in public domains for at least one of the images in your article.

Author and content information:

Neither the content you offer nor the hyperlinks to the sites you provide should promote any kind of social malpractice, including pornography, racism, or hatred, as well as unlawful behavior or dangerous code.

In terms of composition and presentation, we may say that.

When it comes to your work, you’re in charge of making sure it’s easy to comprehend and readable.

Create subsections and headings in your document.

Make use of italics to draw attention to any particularly important bullet points, and break the content up into digestible pieces.

Keeping you safe was not my intention, but preserving my integrity has always been one of the most important things to me.


So, what exactly are you contemplating while you sit here? The time has come for us to go to work on bringing our readers excellent content and reimbursing them with cash.

Consequently, reportsafrique.com, is looking forward to hearing from any experienced writers.

Reportsafrique.com Mission

In the database of reportsafrique.com, you’ll find all the information you’ve ever wanted to know about anybody or anything in the world. The materials we’ve collected will help you broaden your horizons by providing information on a variety of fictitious genres.

Video games have been shown to affect cognitive processes in individuals of all ages, according to our findings. Gamifying when learning about fiction offers you a sense of accomplishment while also enabling your brain to be thrilled and astonished. Consequently, in the future, you can count on us for amazing, interesting, creative, and funny ideas that are supported by clear explanations.

In order to enhance your memory, decision-making, and other skills, we’re working on fresh ideas and solutions for fun games. Not to be overlooked is the reportsafrique.com, mission.

That video games are the greatest medium for teaching and developing young people’s mental abilities is something we tend to agree with you on. Those with keen minds, therefore, need a lot of assistance. It’s no secret to teachers how much time students spend participating in school activities. In order to be the greatest teacher you can be for your children, you should keep reading if you’re constantly searching for fresh teaching techniques to try. Fortunately, you’ve reached the conclusion of your journey!

With the most recent and up-to-date information available, as well as unique and new subject matter. Thanks to this post, you’ll learn new things while still having a wonderful time.

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