About us

Founder Of Report Afrique

The journey of Reportsafrique has been so amazing. Started with a vision to create a place full of useful information to having a dream of successfully bringing that idea to life, and from working day and night on our project to successfully launching it on early May 2021, we have come a long journey in which our team and our audience have supported us well.

Talent Hunt:

The first thing we did when we came up with this idea is to create our very own team full of highly qualified professionals who have got abundance of enthusiasm and dedication towards their work.

And we feel proud and pleased to say that our hunt was successful and a dream team was fortunately made to serve you with blogs, posts and all kinds of stuff that you read here.

Reportsafrique believes in providing quality of information served directly by quality of people.

The Teamwork:

The people behind Reportsafrique work in a vary systematic way to minimize any risk and to ensure all the information is always the best, latest, factful, doubly checked, and always intact.

This is why the blogs you read here goes through rounds of verification so that the best and flawless information can be provided to our readers for their maximum benefit.

Our verifications include:

  1. Collecting data on things that need assistance, guidance and tasks that troubles people the most.
  2. Researching on ways that are helpful and looking out for DIY solutions to the problems.
  3. Doing rounds of editing and fact checking to make sure the information is up to the mark, correct and the best solution has been provided to deal with the problem.
  4. Posting blogs while making sure the format and the language used is easy to understand and can be applied in real life.
  5. Always keeping a team at standby to take any queries, suggestions, or to provide assistance to our readers.

Work and Reasoning:

We decided to have Reportsafrique because our theme was to be versatile and provide guidance on various issues like:

  1. Computer, software, and all sorts of technology
  2. Movie suggestions and reviews
  3. DIYs related to daily household chores and things that nobody tells you.

And this aim to be versatile while covering all sorts of blogs and informative sections ended us here in front of you.

While we decided to have various topics to help you, they still have a common ground to be here at Reportsafrique.

This common ground is called wants and needs. We aim to cover all the major aspects of help in a household including laundry, entertainment and technologies and have different sections for them because everyone’s life revolves around their house.

And, just like we helped so many people by giving them easy solutions, we would like to help you too. So many people are connecting with us and we are waiting for you now! Tell us your thoughts and views by contacting us at :
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